Quotes Regarding Senior Settlements

Quotes Regarding Senior Settlements


The New York Times

“Trading in life insurance policies held by wealthy seniors has quietly become a big business. Hedge funds, financial institutions like Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, and investor like Warren E. Buffett are spending billions to buy life insurance policies from the elderly…”

— Charles Duhigg
“Late in Life, Finding a Bonanza in Life Insurance”
New Your TIme, December 17, 2006



“Senior citizens may have life insurance policies they don’t want anymore, and research from London Business School suggests that seniors receive four times more by selling to an investor (either directly of through a broker) than they do from  selling their policies back to insurance companies!

— Allison Schrager
“Investing In Other People’s Life Insurance Makes a Comeback”
Bloomberg Businessweek, July 30, 2014


London School of Economics

“We find that the cost of purchase weighted average expected IRR on the life settlements in our sample is 12.5% per annum…”

Empirical Investigation of Life Settlements: The Secondary Market for Life Insurance Policies*
Alfonso V. Januario  Narayan Y. Naik
Current version: June 10, 2013



Projected unlevered returns for a life settlement asset promises are between 9% and 13%…

Working Paper #09-20
Life Settlements: Signposts to a Principal Asset Class
Sam Rosenfeld

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